Top 5 Promotional Products of 2019

We want to help you turn heads for your 2019 marketing campaigns. That’s why we have put together a list of our top 5 promotional products to help improve your brands awareness.

With a growing focus on being green, retro products and technology, the following promotional items will help get your brand in front of your customer in 2019.

5) Smartphone Accessories 

On average, we spend almost one day a weekon our smartphones. Providing screen protectors, cases and sleeves will always be practical for your clients. As smartphones rarely leave our sides, make sure your brand stays with your clients with standout accessories. 

4) AR Apps

We love innovation. That’s why AR Apps are on our 2019 list. This is a great way to wow your audience and get people talking about your brand. AR allows the consumer to build an emotional connectionto your brand, which is key when developing brand loyalty.

3) Water Bottles

Consumers are going green. Providing a sustainable solution not only promotes your brand but improves your brand image in the eyes of the consumer. With plastic waste becoming a constant battle, re-usable water bottles are perfect for promoting your brand in 2019.

2) Notebooks 

With most people spending the majority of their time at work, items that are practical for work lifeare always well received. A high-quality Notebook stays with the consumer wherever they go, keeping your brand with them.

1) Calendars

The rise of the vintage consumerover the last few years has led to many product comebacks. From vinyl’s to drainpipe denim, we love vintage. Luxury Calendars combine that vintage feeling with the practicality consumers love. With 94% of people saying they would keep a promotional calendar, they are a must for your next campaign. (*Stats from PPAI).

We hope you enjoyed reading about our top 5 promotional products for 2019. You can learn more about our promotional products here.