BMW Official Licensed Products

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In 2018, we were awarded a global License from BMW to exclusively produce their calendars, diaries and notebooks. The three-year license means Allan & Bertram will manufacture over 140,000 products a year supplying BMW Dealerships and National Sales Centres around the world. We have already developed online stores (which are only available to password holders) and introduced new products, expanding the range.

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Our BMW Online Shops

Looking to purchase Official BMW licensed Products? Our Calendars, Diaries, and Notebooks can be found on one of our webshops. If you are eligible, use your username and password to login to one of the below sites. 

International Sales Centres and Dealerships: 

UK based Sales Centres and Dealerships: 

Not sure of your login details or if you are eligible to order? Contact with your enquiry.


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About Licensed Calendars

Allan & Bertram work with some of the worlds leading brands to produce their calendars, diaries and notebooks under license. Just like we have for BMW Official Licensed Products, we provide a complete in-house bespoke service from design, through production and distribution. We create dedicated webshops for secure ordering for dealerships, franchisees, and retailers. We offer a sales and marketing service to promote the calendars to the brand’s dealership network and to increase retail sales.

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